COVID-19 Alert: With safety precautions, we are now slowing returning to some live events for 2021.  We will be uploading a full schedule for 2021 soon!
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590 W. 84th Street
Hialeah, FL 33104
United States
(239) 671-3281
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Peter Dedesma
Peter Dedesma Owner
Aymee Gomez Billing
Coky Sales
Jimmy Herndon
Jimmy Herndon Sales Manager
Liena Bems
Liena Bems Sales Consultant
Michelle Cecala
Michelle Cecala Territory Manager
Robert Reck
Robert Reck NAAEI Advanced Facilitator Director of Customer Education
SWFAA Logo Supplier Member

My company is a member of Compliance Depot.
Areas of Expertise
Appliances, HVAC, Maintenance Parts