APAC:  Frequently Asked Questions

PAC stands for… Political Action Committee!

PACs are simply groups of people who share common interests and who voluntarily pool their money to help ensure the interests of the group are represented in the political process.

Why does SWFAA need a PAC?

Many of the issues the rental housing industry deals with are complicated and controversial. It’s critical that we effectively present our views to lawmakers on issues that can profoundly affect the future of our industry. Participation in the political process is critical to the success of any industry. The level of success achieved depends on every individual member’s commitment.

Why are there 2 different PACs?

Laws enacted at the federal, state, and local levels impact our business. Therefore, we must work effectively with legislators on both the FAA level for state and local issues through APAC, and at the Federal level through NAA’s PAC.

I’m not into politics. Why should I participate in PAC or APAC?

You may not be politically active, but that doesn’t mean political actions won’t affect you and the future success of the rental housing industry. The fact is, government decisions have positive and/or damaging effects on how you operate your business and may affect the livelihood of your employees. The SWFAA PAC needs the broadest support to be successful, so it is vital that all members participate.

Who can participate?

Participation in PAC is voluntary yet highly encouraged. PAC is open to individuals and businesses who are interested in the success of the Rental Housing Industry in Florida. You may participate by donations and/or by being a part of the committee.

How much should I give?

All contributions are voluntary and worthwhile. Your decision to participate on a one-time per year basis or monthly is up to you. You can contribute as little as the Fair Share amount of $35.

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