NAA Blue Moon Lease Improvements

Posted By: Holli Noel-Depold Industry News, SWFAA News,
Effective June 26, 2019, Blue Moon Software will be updating the Blue Moon eSignature Services to allow electronic signatures to be initiated and managed via SMS/text messaging!
This added feature offers flexibility to the leasing process by allowing you to send documents via SMS/text message, as well as the existing email and On-the-Spot options.
With the growing trends to paperless operations on-site, we realize providing multiple methods of document delivery and execution is vital to your ability to communicate with all residents in a convenient and effective manner.
For a sneak peek, please check out the following brief video which highlight the updates to the eSignature process.
CLICK HERE to watch a full series NAA (Blue Moon) Click & Lease Webinars.
Best practices for utilizing the NAA leasing forms!

* As always, we recommend that you and your local legal counsel review all operation procedures and lease forms as the information provided in this webinar is not to be considered legal advice and should not be treated as such.