Collier County Short-Term Rental Ordinance

Posted By: Johnmichael Fernandez Advocacy News ,

In October the Collier County Board of Commissioners released a draft of an ordinance that would require the registry of short-term rental units. However, it became clear that under the proposed ordinance apartment communities would need to register with the county for each unit that is rented for 6 months or less. The ordinance would also establish a $50 fee per unit. The Southwest Florida Apartment Association (SWFAA) immediately reacted to this news and began to work on behalf of members to add an exemption for apartments to the ordinance.

SWFAA met and spoke with members of the county commission and staff to help them understand that the regulation of apartments, with five units or more, is preempted to the state through Florida Statute. We sent multiple letters to the County Commission making them aware that the ordinance would be in conflict with Florida Law. After the swift actions of SWFAA, the ordinance was amended to include an exemption for apartments, with five or more units.

If you have any questions about SWFAA’s advocacy efforts or you would like to become more involved, you can contact Johnmichael, Local Government Affairs Manager, at or by phone at 407-960-2910.