COVID-19 Alert: With safety precautions, we are now slowing returning to some live events for 2021.  We will be uploading a full schedule for 2021 soon!

2021 Budget Tool

Get your 2021 SWFAA Budget Planning Tool for Properties Here!

2021 Budget Planning Tool is Here!
Many of you have begun the 2021 budget planning process for your properties, and we know how stressful this can be. That's why we are providing you with a handy tool that will make planning your 2021 SWFAA expenses a breeze!
Click below to download the spreadsheet. You'll see a tab to enter your unit counts to calculate your 2021 SWFAA membership dues which will be billed on January 1, 2021. The second tab includes SWFAA's proposed event schedule expense planning. Simply fill in the yellow cells with your anticipated attendance participation, and you're done!
In addition, please note that we have decided to freeze our membership rates for 2021, so you will not see an increase over 2020!